6 things you need to do on LinkedIn to fill your calendar with well-qualified leads

Level up your lead generation efforts

Stop wasting your time on outdated outreach tactics and start filling your calendar with qualified leads

For businesses who want to stop spinning their wheels manually copying and pasting their outreach messages and set up a reliable system that gets well-qualified leads to ask for a sales call.

Are you tired of the way your outreach is going?

You've been finding the people you want to target. Copying and pasting outreach messages. Getting caught up thinking about whether someone might be interested in your approach at all. You've been on the opposite side of truly awful outreach and you don't want to go there.

But you're starting to wonder... is this how business is done?

What if you could create a system that had leads reaching out to you to set up a time to talk?

Skip the machine gun approach. Forget hiring an outside lead generation consultant. What if I told you the exact steps you needed to take to leverage the one social media platform you're not already optimizing?

Welcome to

Level Up Your Lead Gen

A six-week live mastermind for anyone who wants more sales calls

Start with a blank slate, end with a full calendar

  • Rewrite your profile through a copywriter's filter

  • Get crystal clear on who you should be targeting and how you can find them most effectively

  • Learn which two tools are necessary to invest in (and why you can ignore the rest of them)

  • Get the swipe file of the outreach message that increased acceptance by 50%

  • Learn exactly what you need to say to move the conversation forward

  • Learn how to stay top of mind after the conversation ended

  • Get swipe files, templates, and scripts for everything you need

I'm Kathleen Celmins, the creator of The Well-Paid Expert.

I get how demoralizing sending out cold pitches can be because I went through it. I allowed my LinkedIn profile to sit dormant for the better part of the last decade, prioritizing other social media platforms that took a lot more of my time and energy... without seeing any results. Then I realized... if people I want to reach are on LinkedIn, then why am I spending all this time on Instagram? Finally, I decided to research a solution. I took the advice of several coaches, books, and articles, then worked with my assistant to implement this system. And it works. I now have 15+ sales calls on my calendar every week. And they're great prospects!

Your offer is too good not to have a calendar full of leads.

You're right for Level Up Your Lead Gen if:

  • You're tired of not knowing where your next client is going to come from

  • You want to give this whole "LinkedIn outreach" thing a try, since you know your ideal client is there

  • You offer a B2B service

  • You're willing to follow all the steps we give you as long as it helps you get where you need to go

What's included in the mastermind?

  • January 10

    Your profile is a sales page.

  • January 17

    Two tools to invest in. (And how to set them up.)

  • January 24

    How to set up your targeting to reach only the people you need to reach

  • January 31

    The right (and wrong!) way to invite people to connect

  • February 7

    Scripts and swipe files for continuing the conversation

  • February 14

    How to stay top-of-mind after the conversation ends

You can keep doing what you're doing...

Spending hours copying and pasting your responses, or giving up on outreach entirely. Telling yourself that if your business is meant to grow, it'll grow on its own. Deciding to focus on other, needier platforms with hungrier algorithms. But do you really want to accept that outreach has to be hard? That you need to post 10-15 times per week in order to reach your ideal clients? And do you really want to rely more heavily on referrals? If you don't have a predictable way to find leads, you're just getting lucky. And you've worked too hard to continue to rely on luck to get you through these upcoming tough times.