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Is “earn more passive income” on your to-do list for 2023?

Have you sort of given up on the idea of being able to earn more passive income for your business?

When I started blogging in 2011, there was a glitch in the Google universe that allowed plenty of ordinary people to make this kind of money online:

Sadly, by the time I’d gotten my website up and running, Google fixed that glitch.

But the allure of passive income was still so strong.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to set some sort of digital product up once, and effectively turn their website into a slot machine?

I sure wanted to.

Then, I got into offering services.

And services were more lucrative than any digital product I created.

Sound familiar?

I’ve talked to dozens of service providers who built a robust business offering their creativity to clients. They, too, had a digital product in mind, in production, or gathering digital dust on their digital shelf.

They never put the effort into selling their digital product.


Well, let’s see if any of the following reasons resonate:

  • The price point was too low, and they knew that it was easier to sell their services than it was to make up that kind of income in their products
  • They spent so much time creating those products that they neglected their sales pipeline for their main offer and shelved it for “later”
  • Filling their service pipeline outranked the passive income project every single time

If you knew you were sitting on $100,000 per year in potential passive income, would you make time in your schedule to dig into it?

Because even if you haven’t created the outline for your digital product yet, you are sitting on a gold mine.

All you have to do is configure it.

Then set up a system that will sell it on autopilot.

I’ve just opened the doors to The Well-Paid Expert mastermind. It’s a 12-week program designed to help you package, price, and earn your next $100,000 from your ideas.

It’s actually part of a longer program where we get your ideas and info products to the $300,000 per year mark.

But let’s start with the first 12 weeks.

Let me show you how to investigate the things you’ve already created and turn them into a healthy, passive income stream.

One that doesn’t tie you to any one client.

Space is limited.

If you’re looking to start next year on a profitable foot, I’d love for you to join us.

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