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With over two decades of work in leadership, sales, lead generation, and marketing, Kathleen Celmins (SELL-mens) has worked with Fortune 500 companies to build profitable product offers, built and sold two businesses, and now works to help entrepreneurs find their ripe idea ready to be picked and put to work as a passive product offer- leveraging their expertise they already have.

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Kathleen Celmins, CEO of The Well-Paid Expert

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Kathleen spends most of her time helping time-strapped digital entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and freelancers increase their income by increasing the number of quality sales conversations through outreach on LinkedIn and through a strategic approach to productizing their services.


Everyone in business wants to be profitable. But experts are often too close to mastery to maximize their margins. Kathleen helps experts realize there are two paths toward higher profit margins:

  • Charging more—typically a lot more, and
  • Creating a productized service.


Both are lucrative. Both work. Both are hard to wrangle on your own.


That's where working with Kathleen comes in. She provides the brainstorming, the framework, and the tactical steps to accomplish both. Charging more money means finding a new way to meet prospects, and the best place to find well-heeled clients is through strategic outreach using LinkedIn.


Productizing services means thinking about bespoke services in a new way. It requires brainstorming, repackaging, market research, and a paid ad strategy that can turn into a lucrative revenue stream.


Kathleen has learned most of her lessons the hard way, but has found wild success both in her business and the businesses she’s consulted with.


When she’s not at her desk, you can find her on her yoga mat, in the swimming pool, and seeking out the best tacos in Phoenix with her husband and two daughters.

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Kathleen Celmins, the founder and CEO of The Well-Paid Expert, has more than 15 years of experience in the online marketing world - in both large Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. She's on a mission to help creators (service providers, writers, designers, marketers, podcasters) become well-paid experts.

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Kathleen loves talking about cold outreach on LinkedIn, productized servies, and other ways entrepreneurs can get ahead of burnout. She's happy to join you on your podcast, at in-person events, virtual events, summits, guest lectures, and more. Below are some of Kathleen's favorite topics to discuss.

If you've been working for at least two years, there's at least a $100,000 per year income stream sitting in your Google Drive, waiting to be discovered.

Why every entrepreneur needs to divorce themselves from the time for money exchange.

There's no such thing as passive income, but there are other income streams to help you augment your overall revenue.

The two paths to follow when brainstorming your first infoproduct.

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