YES Kathleen! I want measurable improvements in profits, results and happiness. Please give me access to The Well-Paid Expert™ Program right away. Give me all the systems, tools and training I need to grow my business to 7+-figures FAST while reducing my work hours.

Here's what I'm going to get:

#1: An 8-week “Full Immersion” Program that covers everything I need inside one all-encompassing curriculum.

That means I don’t have to patch together a plan from different “gurus” and experts and hope for the best. I have everything in one place, so I can move forward confidently to achieve my wildest business goals!

Week 1: Vision, Mission, Strategic Planning
Week 2: Building Your Growth Team
Week 3: Marketing Fundamentals
Week 4: Inbound Selling System
Week 5: Leveraged Online Program
Week 6: Start & Grow Your Own Mastermind
Week 7: Sales Mastery
Week 8: Facebook Advertising Alchemy

#2: Access To The Well-Paid Expert Community so I’ll never feel like a “lone ranger” while I’m growing my business with this program.

The community will help me celebrate my wins and give me support when I need it. This will help me get results fast vs. trying to figure everything out myself and waste a lot of time and money. (VALUE of $7800)


BONUS #1: The Well-Paid Expert™ Automation Playbooks — where I’ll get the following turn-key campaigns, all professionally written and sequences and timing done so I can instantly use with any marketing automation tool.
(VALUE: $18,543)

With The Well-Paid Expert™ Automation Playbooks I’m Getting...

  • 12 Week Long term Nurture ($597 Value)
  • Know, Like & Trust 3-Step ($597 Value)
  • New Lead Follow-Up ($997 Value)
  • Event Promotion to Ticket Sale ($997 Value)
  • Case Studies to Schedule Call ($997 Value)
  • PDF Invitation to Conversion ($997 Value)
  • Direct Mail to Conversion ($997 Value)
  • Nine Word Pilot Email To Conversion ($997 Value)
  • 72-Hour Cash Flow Surge (Simple) ($597 Value)
  • 72-Hour Cash Flow Surge (Advanced) ($997 Value)
  • Book Ascension Playbook ($997 Value)
  • Consult Request to Close ($997 Value)
  • Live Webinar Playbook ($997 Value)
  • Evergreen Webinar Playbook ($997 Value)
  • New Customer Welcome ($597 Value)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) ($597 Value)

BONUS #2: The Well-Paid Expert™ Funnel Templates — Now I can stop wasting time and money on designing funnels that don’t convert. I’m getting the following ‘Plug n Play’ campaigns I can quickly and easily import into GoHighLevel right away. (VALUE of $5,442)

With The Well-Paid Expert™ Funnel Templates I’m Getting...

  • Long Form Schedule Call Funnel ($397 Value)
  • 15 Minute Assessment Survey ($197 Value)
  • Case Study Funnel ($297 Value)
  • Program Demo Funnel ($99 Value)
  • Lead Magnet To Schedule Funnel ($197 Value)
  • Free Report to Schedule Funnel ($197 Value)
  • Free Brochure to Call Funnel ($197 Value)
  • Direct mail Info Pack to Call ($197 Value)
  • Secrets To Their Success Funnel ($397 Value)
  • The Phone Funnel Framework ($997 Value)
  • Quiz Funnel ($197 Value)
  • Refer A Friend ($197 Value)
  • Live Event Sales Funnel ($197 Value)
  • Live Event Follow Up Resources ($197 Value)
  • Live Event Competition ($197 Value)
  • Live Webinar Reg to Conversion ($297 Value)
  • Recruitment Funnel ($397 Value)
  • Weekly Employee Engagement Form ($197 Value)
  • Order Forms ($197 Value)
  • Speaking Page Funnel ($197 Value)

In summary I’m getting:

  • The Well-Paid Expert™ Program & Access To The Well-Paid Expert Community (VALUE $7800)
  • The Well-Paid Expert™ Automation Playbooks (VALUE $18,543)
  • Funnel Templates (VALUE $5,442)