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3 reasons you might be struggling to attract clients

3 reasons you might be struggling to attract clients

According to this article on Forbes, the number one challenge entrepreneurs face is taking the leap toward entrepreneurship.

So, if you’re reading this, and you’ve already taken that leap, congratulations! You’ve conquered the biggest challenge.

But challenges two and three in that article are how long it takes to be successful and cash flow, respectively.

And those two can be summed up as “struggling to attract new clients.”

While it’s not possible to build the next billion-dollar company overnight, it is possible (and doable!) to build a business that sustains your lifestyle pretty quickly.

My friend Chloe Daniels earned $285,000 in her first full year as a full-time digital entrepreneur. And she’s just the first example that came to mind.

But not everyone figures it out as quickly as Chloe.

So, if you’re struggling to attract clients, here are three reasons why that might be the case.

Reason 1: You’re posting for the sake of posting

“Oh, shoot,” you say to yourself. “It’s Tuesday, gotta post something on social media, so people don’t forget I’m around!”

Then, you decide to post something.

But what?

You quickly search for “best types of content to post on a Tuesday” and you find the following types of content to post for social media:

  • Teaching
  • Story
  • Conversion
  • Authority

So, you decide to post something that teaches your audience about how to do what it is you do best.

And after about 45-60 minutes, you’ve created one post.

But you know that you’ll have to rinse and repeat this tomorrow.

Which means you’re posting without a strategy.

And what’s more, you’re making posting on social media something you do as an afterthought.

I bet you’re even thinking you have to post something different on every single platform.

So of course clients aren’t reaching out!

You’re too busy fussing with social media algorithms to remember why you started posting in the first place!

I see it all the time: entrepreneurs treat every piece of content as its own silo, and feel like they have to post different content everywhere:

  • Something that goes along with a picture or a video for Instagram
  • Something else entirely for LinkedIn
  • A thread for Twitter
  • An amazing video for TikTok

And that’s not even touching on blog content or sending emails!

Which is exhausting.

You do not have time to both run your company and be your own social media hype person at the same time.

Truly, everything gets easier when you create a strategy.

Reason 2: You’re not communicating your value

It’s not that the things you’re posting aren’t valuable.

It’s that you know you have a valuable offer, but for some reason, you’re not able to articulate it.

You’ve articulated it extremely well somewhere.

Maybe your sales page, maybe somewhere internal.

But it’s not resonating. Even when you read it, you know there’s something off. You wouldn’t buy what you’re selling. 

You can’t even figure out what you’re trying to say.

Now, before you internalize that as a problem with your value, stop.

You have plenty of value. You’re an expert, remember.

You’re just the wine in the bottle.

Too close to your own genius to be able to communicate its value.

Instead, you talk too much about which row in the vineyard your grapes came from.

Nobody cares about that level of detail.

They care about what your offer (your wine, that is) can do for them.

That’s all you need to focus on.

Communicate that, and you’ll start to see engagement.

Reason 3: You lack consistency

Since you’re the wine in the bottle, you’re wholly consumed by wine.

But that’s not true for your audience.

They need to see your offer 10-20 times before they even remember having seen it.

Which means you have to show up talking about who you help and what problems you solve, about ten times as often as you might think necessary.

And if you don’t like talking about your offer and what it can do for people, you’re going to really struggle.

Consistency in posting about your offers builds momentum.

But at first, you’re pushing a very large rock up a very steep hill.

And by “at first,” I mean a lot longer than you might want.

Just keep showing up.

Keep talking about your offer.

Hundreds of times.

Don’t expect instant gratification.

In fact, drop all expectations.

If you keep telling your audience what you do, who you help, and what problems you solve, on a schedule that doesn’t burn you out, you’ll get people reaching out to you eventually.

Get clear.

Be consistent.

Repeat yourself in different ways.

So… what do you need instead?

In order to attract the clients you know you can serve best, you need three things.

1. A sales strategy you can follow

One that doesn’t overwhelm you.

One that helps you stay consistent.

One that eliminates guesswork

One that never leaves you scrambling at the last second, popping “Happy Tuesday” into Twitter and calling it done.

2. Clarity on how you can confidently communicate your value

You need to figure out how to sell your offers without:

  • Over explaining
  • Under explaining
  • Over selling
  • Underselling

This takes a bit of reprogramming.

We’re taught to downplay our achievements. To not toot our own horns.

But confidence can be taught. And sometimes it takes a bit of self-trickery and detachment training.

3. Adjust your mindset to get ready to level up

I’ve seen this happen before. A client comes to me thinking that what they need are tactics to attract new clients.

But what they really need is to adjust their mindset, so they can see the opportunities for what they are.

See, the truth is, clients will come to you.

But they might not come to you for precisely what you’ve been talking about.

Don’t shut those people down.

Figure out how to do more listening on sales calls.

Follow a pattern. Not a script, mind you, that’ll sound weird, but a pattern.

Make every sales call follow that pattern.

Then track your progress.

And get ready to receive.

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Which well-paid expert are you?

Take this quick (60-second) quiz to find out which type of well-paid expert you are, and what steps to take to make that dream a reality.