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The Well-Paid Expert Mastermind is built for service providers, coaches, consultants, and freelancers ready to step off the treadmill of constant clients into a new life… one that adds leverage to your business through predictable passive income.

So, you're "hella successful," but...

Your success looks wayyy different from slow mornings, four-hour work days, ease, and luxury vacations funded solely by your consistent cash flow. You know… that life promised by the online entrepreneurial dream? You’re not living that. Instead, your life looks more like being overbooked on client work, AKA trading your time for money…on repeat.

I’ve been there. So has every person who’s ever worked with me.

It's exhausting.

So, let's change that.

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Have you tried the whole "passive income" thing already?

Most of my mastermind clients have too. They've:

Built an entire course, only to sell two or three.

Crafted the perfect opt-in, which resulted in zero sales.

Built a membership site that had so few people join that it was costing more money to run than it was bringing in.

Getting to the point where they decide that infoproducts and digital courses won't work for their industry, their niche, or their business.

Sound familiar? If so, know that this mastermind is structured to not waste your time and instead build a passive income offer from what you already have that people crave. How? I have a signature strategic structure.

The way it works

How I help you build a leveraged source of income

and a sales funnel that doesn't flop

01 |

We Begin with what you already have

Hint: that’s probably something sitting in your Google Drive- but if you’re not sure where your expertise or unique offer is- that’s expected and that’s why I am here. With my 15+ years of experience in the marketing world plus over 100 clients who’ve built profitable passive income streams off my ideas - I know we’ve got this.

02 |

We dip our toes in and test the waters

This is where so many entrepreneurs take a left turn: they build out the whole thing and then launch…crossing their fingers that people will love it. Ummm, that’s a gamble I am not willing to take with your time, which is why we conduct expert market research to see if your idea will float (and if not, we re-work it and try again without rebuilding the whole thing).

03 |

We do the damn thing... and we do it well

Once we know it will work, and you already have a waitlist of eager buyers, it’s time to build your offer and the supporting sales funnel that will keep this thing running in the background while you get back to business…or that latte that used to always get cold.

04 |

Finally, we craft your sales plan

Even the best of evergreen sales funnels won’t support your offer if they aren’t used in conjunction with a relevant and current marketing approach. One you can turn off and on as needed. One that leaves even the most introverted entrepreneur feeling confident in what they are actively selling.

Take it from Anne.

The Owner of Unique Gifter

An affiliate-based business that relies on email subscribers to build revenue.

“I knew I needed to add another lead-generating opt-in to my site, but I just never prioritized it. Right before my busy season, Kathleen helped me identify, write, and deploy an opt-in, which brought my email list from a couple dozen to several thousand!”

here's what's included

Ready to unlock your expertise and be predictably well-paid?

12 months of live support, that includes:

A thorough audit of what you already have

The strategy needed to test a product without building the whole thing

Hands-on support by Kathleen to answer pressing questions or problems

Live sessions twice a week with Kathleen to move your passive income pipeline along

The exact tools and tech stack you need to build a funnel and market it (even if you’re an introvert or terrified of the camera)

Lifetime access to the digital marketing template library, a resource chock full of every template, every swipe file, every single thing you’ll need to expand your digital empire.

Early bird access to all future offers and events by The Well-Paid Expert

Payment Plan


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One-time payment


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Take it from Kayla.

THE Creator OF $10KVA

A course that turned over a quick $100,000 in 12 months.

“I wasn’t sure if I could earn the kind of money on my ideas that I’d seen others around me make. But with Kathleen’s help, my course earned over $100,000 in its first year!”

You can review the case study by downloading it here.


Here's the thing. It's possible to:

Know how much money you’ll generate on a monthly basis

Have automatic enrollments and sign-ups coming into your inbox (or CRM) regularly

Have tangible and predictable results without ever having to take a sales call

Stop playing in the same pool as everyone else, feeling exhausted relying only on clients

Experience passive income (auto-sales!) from your evergreen funnel

Wake up to live your life and not let your business and clients run your life

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Kathleen Celmins answers your frequently asked questions

Get your questions answered


Honestly, that’s actually best. Most of the time, creators have an idea for an online course but they don’t know if it’ll sell.

Chances are, it is. If you’ve answered the same question for three different people, you’re already on your way to validating your idea.

Short answer: yes. Long answer: still yes. If it seems like there are too many courses for too many things, you might just be too embroiled in the online business space. Trust me, there’s room for you too.

Great question! We cover this in the latter part of the mastermind, but it’s all about different ways to get traffic.

Both have their merits, but it’ll depend on how actively you want to manage this revenue stream.

Oh! What a fun position to be in. If you’re working full-time for someone else, your best bet is to start with a digital product. If you’ve already taken the leap, offer services. But keep digital products in the back of your mind.

Start saying no to every client except the ones who align with you perfectly.

start saying yes to time freedom, choices and peace.