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Who am I, anyway?

It’s been a minute since I’ve introduced myself.

I’m Kathleen, and I’m a revenue whisperer.

People who listen to me make more money.

I bring my clients the perfect mix of strategy, skill development, and implementation support powered by 10+ years of experience from marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. 🔥

I’ve seen some pretty amazing successes myself (like blogging my way out of debt or turning a popular personal finance podcast into one that is also wildly commercially successful) but my biggest success is seeing the growth of my clients.

Their tenacity, ambition, and drive never fails to astonish me⚡️.

Seeing them achieve amazing milestones like growing their lists to 5000 in less than a year or adding an additional six figures to their bottom line, or creating a new digital product based on my recommendation… it’s what fuels me!

And the best part?

I know there are dozens and dozens of like-minded people in my audience right now just waiting for their moment to shine – and when they claim it, I’ll be here to support them.💥

But who am I behind the walls of this business?

A yogi, mom, and wife, living in the Arizona desert, who spent most of her life in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve had entrepreneurial tendencies my whole life, and am married to a man who believes in me so much that he’s dedicated his life to being the lead parent of our two small children.

I love community. I love the spark of connecting with a new friend, and am grateful for the internet for bringing so many of these friends into my life. I’m driven and creative, outgoing and extroverted, and I feel like I’m constantly pivoting. My hobbies include traveling to cooler climates when the temperature gets too hot here, finding new-to-me things at my local thrift store, and getting on my yoga mat.

I’m driven by the knowledge that the internet has given all of us immense power to change our lives for the better. I sincerely believe that anyone can add a revenue stream from the internet that will help them achieve financial freedom.

I’m no longer active in the personal finance community, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without my start there.

I’m so excited to have you here in my space, and I can’t wait to get to know even better!✨

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