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with sales conversations

Level Up is built for anyone selling anything B2B who are ready to use LinkedIn and automations to create outreach campaigns that turn into amazing conversations.

"This framework was easy to implement and brought me new sales conversations within just a few weeks of implementation." 

-Jeffrey, SEO specialist

You have a LinkedIn profile, but...

You're not using it. In fact, if you're being honest with yourself, the last time you did use it was when you were looking for a job.

Instead, you're optimizing for the more "fun" platforms. You know... the ones you liked even before you had business accounts there.

But as much as you post, you're not seeing the correlation between followers and sales calls.

You wonder... are you doing something wrong?

You are.

So let's change that.

Hold up. Have you tried using LinkedIn to do cold outreach before?

Most of my clients have, too. They've:

Posted on LinkedIn for awhile, but gave up after seeing zero engagement.
Asked their network to endorse them, hoping that might move the needle.
Sent cold messages that went nowhere... or worse, ended with a not-so-friendly reply.

Sound familiar? If so, this group training program is structured to give you the framework to use LinkedIn to get 8-15 qualified sales conversations on your calendar... every week.

Go from zero to dozens of qualified sales calls each week

in 30 days

woman on a laptop

1. Foundation

Your profile

When you start doing outreach on LinkedIn, you're beginning to treat LinkedIn like the sales enablement platform that it is.

And on a sales platform, you need a sales page.

Your sales page—aka your profile—probably isn't set up optimally for conversion.

But with a few small tweaks, you can change that.

2. Targeting & Automation

Connection at Scale

If you've been on the receiving end of bad LinkedIn outreach (we've all been there!), rest assured this is quite the opposite.

Who knew you could connect with strangers over LinkedIn without sounding spammy or otherwise feeling gross?

You do, now.

3. Connecting & Messaging

Add The Human Touch

Automation only works as long as the recipient doesn't feel like they're talking to a robot.

Get better at messaging. Learn how to move the conversation off of LinkedIn.

Get scripts and build your own response library.

4. Content Marketing

Staying Top of Mind

Not everyone you connect with will buy from you right away.


That's where a solid LinkedIn-specific content marketing strategy comes into play.

It's so much easier to stay top of mind on LinkedIn than any other platform.

Here's what's included

Ready to have more sales conversations without having to pay for ads?

Then Level Up may be just what you need.

Give your profile the glow up it deserves and ready it for all the
attention it's about to receive
Target only the people you want to connect with (and filter out the rest!)
Use automation to help you scale while staying authentic
Get better at messaging and communication. Start with our scripts,
then build your own response library.
Implement a content marketing and engagement strategy that
takes just 20-30 minutes per workday.

And create sales conversations on demand.

Choose the payment option that works best for you.


one-time payment

Pay once, join as soon as your invoice clears.

Get access right away.

Join the weekly working sessions to fast track your success.



two-payment option

Same options as the one-time payment, but split into two monthly payments of 2900.

Weekly working sessions and Q&A will help you get more calls on your calendar.

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No-risk guarantee

If you follow the framework and for some reason you haven't booked at least ten calls with qualified prospects in the first 30 days, I'll give you $1000 back and work with you inside LinkedIn until it's working.

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