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"If you're stuck earning under $100,000 per year with your infoproduct business, or you want to start selling a profitable online course and don't know where to begin... keep reading"

"If you have an opportunity to work with Kathleen, jump on it. You need to be part of her world. The people you meet, the ideas you can collect, how much you can scale... it all starts with saying yes to the chance to change your life and your business." -Dan Klein, real estate developer, Washington DC

Dear future Well-Paid Expert,

Here's my offer to you:

In the next 90 days...

I'll personally help you create, package, position, launch, and successfully sell your online course or info product using the Well Paid Expert Framework™…

1. Ideate & Build

  • Extract the right niche from the people who are already paying you.
  • Craft an offer that attracts your ideal customer and drives them to action.
  • Already created an offer that didn't go anywhere? We'll figure out exactly why that happened and exactly what to do to ensure its success in the future.

2. Strategize & Plan for success

  • The one thing that separates the infoproducts that sell really well from the ones that flop is a plan.
  • Set targets for income, then figure out everything you need to do in order to hit your targets.
  • Split your offer into its component pieces, leaning into pricing psychology.

3. Launch

  • Preframe your offer, build your waitlist, and implement a launch strategy that does not land on deaf ears.
  • Launch with organic or paid, or a combination of both.
  • Use our templates and swipe files to help you send the right messages to the right people at the right time.

4. Refine

  • By this point in the process, you'll have built an end-to-end nurturing system, and all you'll have to do is tweak something here or there to optimize.
  • Optimize your ad spend to increase conversions.
  • Use our templates, swipe files, and playbooks to help you follow up with everyone who enters your world through this process.

Again, all this will be delivered in the next 90 days.

And because I'm so confident in this system, I'm also giving you an unconditional guarantee...

That if, after working together and implementing The Well-Paid Expert Framework in the first 90 days, you're not bringing in new course sales, meaning you're not generating leads and making new sales, in other words, if money isn't flowing into your account regularly...

I'll guarantee you two things:

  1. I'll cut you a $1,000 check toward advertising your online course to help you make sales
  2. I'll continue working with you, completely for free, until you do.

Which makes taking me up on this offer more than 100% risk free.

That's how confident I am in you implementing The Well-Paid Expert Framework.

Now... you might be wondering...

...how can I make such a results-driven claim like this?

Well, just take a look at my track record of helping other people just like you launch and sell their own online courses with profitability.

Take, for example, Kayla. Who went from having no idea for what kind of infoproduct she should create to earning over $100,000 on her first course in the first 12 months.

Or Amanda, who didn't have a course and simply gave away free advice all the time. After implementing the Well-Paid Expert framework, her entire business is built around her infoproducts, and she earns mid-six-figures on them, annually.

And Anne. She had a product that wasn't selling. We tore it down, implemented The Well-Paid Expert framework, and rebuilt it into a better one that brings in sales on autopilot.

If you'd like these kinds of life-altering results for yourself...

And you've heard enough, and you know this is exactly what you've been searching for...

And you're seriously motivated to make your first $100,000 on infoproducts, or you'd like to add another $100,000 revenue stream to what you already do...

...Then click the blue button below to book a demo with me to see how this offer could work for you.

The reason I'm able to get consistent results like these, across all kinds of niches, is because of my unique approach to selling leveraged infoproducts.

See, everyone trying to make their first $100,000 with their online course runs into the same problem...

...what I call the creation-sales gap.

Here's the issue: usually, when a business owner creates a digital product (whether that's a course, a template pack, graphics, or anything in between), they put their heads down to create something amazing.

They work for weeks, if not months, making their infoproduct the best in their industry.

Then, finally, it's done.

And now they have to start selling it.

This is where the fact that solopreneurs and freelancers of all types run every department in their business becomes a problem.

Because once a business owner starts writing sales copy for the product they just created, the doubt starts to creep in.

And they start second-guessing themselves.

They worry that the thing they've created won't hold up against the other products they've researched.

Instead of setting up a system for predictable sales, they sabotage their sales efforts before they begin.

They end up with a lackluster sales effort.

Which of course means they don't sell very many copies at all.

Leaving their digital product to collect digital dust, and making them come to the wrong conclusion: that digital products simply don't work for them.

So instead, we take the opposite approach.

We work through the sales and marketing side first, and we only build something after we know there's a market for it.

Which means you get paid while you're building.

And you won't waste time and energy creating infoproducts that won't sell.

You won't spend time and energy on something people won't appreciate.

You'll never get stuck in the "this isn't good enough" spiral that keeps too many entrepreneurs down.

The Well-Paid Expert framework is a proven, tried and tested, turnkey system you can depend on to make your $100,000 online, guaranteed.

Don't dither, delay, or procrastinate.

Click the blue button to book a demo to see how this offer could work for you.

And if you hop on the call, and we can't help you, we'll just tell you, straight up, and you'll leave with some great advice.

If you're still on the fence, you should know that this is the same system that allowed me to generate six figures of revenue per year for my business.

It's the same system that's allowed my clients to generate an extra $100,000 per year revenue stream seemingly out of thin air.

This works for any business, but works especially well for service-based and knowledge-based service providers and freelancers.

It works for startups and multimillion dollar businesses.

It works for the solopreneur and the business owner with a support staff.

It takes just a few minutes to schedule your call. You can select a date and time that suits you for us to meet and see if this offer is a good fit for you.

So if you want results like this in your business, click the button below to book a call today.

If you're still here, reading this, and you're making a living online, you might be thinking to yourself...

Yes, the simple answer is if you’ve been in business for at least two years, there’s at least a $100,000 per year revenue stream hiding in plain sight. However, if you don’t want to get into the infoproduct space, then, no, this isn’t for you.

We’ll take a look at your business, what you’re doing, what your goals are, and we’ll start brainstorming your info product. Then, we’ll start putting together the outline and find out as fast as possible whether there’s a market for your idea. After that, we’re off to the races.

Here’s my promise: in 90 days or less, we’ll set up your infoproduct marketing system with all the turnkey tools, systems and resources that we provide to you, and we’ll be there every step of the way to support you.

Then you need this more than anyone! Other people make a lot of money making online marketing seem really hard. We’ll show you how simple this system can be. And the best part is, once you have a system set up for one product, it’s really simple to copy and paste it into the next idea.